Sunday, July 8, 2012

stay vocal

Good evening!

Today I'd like to talk about one of my favorite companies to buy shirts from, Stay Vocal! Stay Vocal is a small company based in Norwell, Massachusetts almost completely run by this awesome guy named Alex Eaves. Stay Vocal uses both new t-shirts that were going to be destroyed or t-shirts found in thrift stores etc. and give them brand new life by flipping them inside out or printing right over the old design. Many of Stay Vocal's designs promote other positive messages like reusing, saving water, and adoption etc.

I currently have 8 t-shirts and 5 patches from Stay Vocal. 

The Reuse Cereal Spill t-shirt was the first one I ever bought. I bought this one for full price when it first came out. (You get a prize in every box!)

These two were the next ones I got. My mom bought them for me for Christmas. I'm pretty sure she got them as like a mystery cheaper package deal.

I'm not sure what order I got some of these in but this one was a cheap mystery shirt.

This one is probably my favorite. I either bought The Green Dragon full price or for a little bit off. 

I won this Reuse shirt from the Stay Vocal Facebook page (so I got it for free). I once attempted to tie dye this shirt but I did it wrong because it all came out in the wash!

I got this shirt and 5 Put The Gun Down patches for free I just had to pay shipping and handling. 

This is my newest Stay Vocal shirt. I got this Coffee Stain one of a kind one from the Stay Vocal e-bay store

Some of these images don't have the best lighting but over all I love all my Stay Vocal shirts. You can probably notice the more you pay for the better quality shirt you are going to receive. I actually even feel kind of bad when I buy the cheaper shirts or get them for free because I really want to support Alex and his company because they are small and I love what they stand for. It is just hard though sometimes since I am a jobless college student and he is always offering great sales! So you should go buy some of his products or the least you can do is like them on facebook!

Make yourself heard!

Friday, July 6, 2012

i'm back! [& freebies]

Hey now!

Although I haven't posted anything in like over 10 months I decided to come back (at least for a few more posts) for now! First things first. If you haven't seen it already in my last blog entry I showed pictures of my t-shirt I entered into a peta2 contest. Well I was the one who won! You can check out some of the other zombie t-shirts here.

The Tofu the Vegan Zombie figurine I won in my backyard!
Now that that is out of the way I only have a few more small things to talk about in this entry. If you haven't seen yet peta2 has redone their whole website! I love the new look as well as some of the new features. You can check out my street team profile here. Feel free to add me as a friend or join the street team if you haven't already!

Also with the new peta2 website and new boards and with me becoming active again. I decided to create a new website to list all of the "Hippie Freebies". So I search the web and find legitimate vegetarian, vegan, animal welfare, animal rights, animal liberation, human rights, equality, environmentalism and other like freebies and then list them all for you to see and score as well. So if you are a poor jobless student like me or are just a greedy person who likes free stuff feel free to check it out:

I do believe that is all I have for now. I plan on to post more often once again and actually should have some really good things to write about in the next few blog entries.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

flesh is for zombs


So Flesh is for Zombies is one of peta2's newer campaigns. Basically just encouraging people to go veg*n because eating meat is gross and should only be for zombies or in other words "to survive the zombie apocalypse you have to go veg*n."  So at the beginning of the month peta2 posted a blog entry/ mission about a contest they were holding.  You had to make a "flesh is for zombies" shirt and send in a picture of you wearing it by August  22nd in order to be in the running to win the Tofu the Vegan Zombie figurine. Also anyone who makes one gets 2,500 street team points!

So I had an idea for mine for most of the month but didn't really start working on it until a few days before it was due.  I still got it done on time and I think it came out pretty decently. Check it out:

I already got my points! Now we just have to wait till the 29th to see who wins.  See a few more awesome entries here: another peta2 blog entry. In the mean time also check out Tofu the Vegan Zombie (I love him!) in Zombie Dearest.

I also recently got my peta2 college pack in the mail!  So my new stickers and such will soon be going on my notebooks and folders and such for college soon.


Friday, August 12, 2011

animal by-product jar & my fly friend

    So recently I had the idea of an animal by-product jar that I posted on the peta2 boards  and it seems that most people love the idea so I will post it here as well.
So this idea may have been thought of before I'm not sure but I just thought of it myself this morning. I am only vegetarian though I do support veganism. I think what happens to the animals in the diary, egg and other industries that result in animal by-products is horrible. Every time I drink milk I am thinking of what happens to the veal calves etc. Anyways I was drinking a cup of milk this morning when I had an interesting thought.  
I am sure you have all heard of a swear jar. When the person [normally children of people in a family household] swears they have to put money into a jar. People have used this kind of thing to stop other types of bad behaviors as well. So I thought why not make a animal by-product jar. 
[I haven't for myself yet once I have a job so I have a steady flow of income I most likely will] So every time you choose to consume dairy, eggs or other animal by-products you would put money into the jar and then that money could go for a donation to a farm animal sanctuary or maybe even buying vegan alternatives that way even if it doesn't slow down your consumption of the animal by-products it will at least be putting a flow of money into helping animals. 
You could adjust the rules for yourself. You could choose to do it only for every time you drink milk, or just eggs. You could also set different amounts of money for the different types of products. For Example: 
Milk: $0.75 Egg: $0.50 Other Dairy Products like Ice Cream, Cheese, Yogurt, Butter, Cream, Milk Chocolate: $0.25 Honey, Gelatin (Some people say this isn't vegetarian I know) and other known small ingredients: $0.10  
I set the example money amounts low (I think) you can choose whatever works for you. So what do you guys think good idea? You could decorate your jar with peta2 stickers take a photo and send it in with your story on how you are trying to lean more towards veg*ism (this could also be used by you meat eater activists to limit your meat in take)and what you did or will do with your money and I'm sure peta2 might even give some street team points.
   So let me know what you guys think!  I also just wanted to post a picture on here in response with my reply on another peta2 board topic.
I wouldn't kill a fly like that shoo it away sometimes if it gets really annoying flying around my head but most of the time if they land on my arms and stuff I just watch them and let them sit there for a bit and then they fly away....
my fly friend
     Am I going to make a big deal if someone else kills a fly, no.  Will I kill a harmless fly if they are just hanging out on or around me, no. If you read the rest of my reply on the topic I do sometimes kill horse flies and such bugs that hurt me, but why kill a harmless housefly? [though I guess they still can carry diseases]

   Anyway if you haven't yet you should join the peta2 street team [it is free!] so you can join in on the interesting conversations going on on the peta2 boards!

Peace, Love, Far.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm #21113

    I am happy because I just received another awesome product I ordered in the mail today!  Let me introduce to everyone We Add Up.  They want to show everyone that if we all do at least just one thing for the environment that together we add up and help mother earth!!

    That is my awesome new shirt! They aren't too creative but when I actually got it and tried it on I think they look a lot better than on the templates on the website. I also love the color of this one [it's a little brighter than in the photo] it really goes with my eyes hah.  I chose to get the Vegetarian one even though I could have chose from many of the ones they offer.

    This is what the back looks like except mine doesn't have a mushroom image but an image of the head of a fork.  It originally cost $25.  I added the extra 50 cents for Carbon-Neutral Shipping.  Then with shipping costs and sales tax it came out to be $31.83.  I think it is reasonable mostly for the great message that they are getting across.

    So start getting active for the planet, order your own shirt [they have many to choose from including recycling, showering together, and car pooling] and join the count. Check out some of my other activist clothing on photobucket. [and go like We Add Up on Facebook]

Friday, August 5, 2011

growing up with companion animals

    I would say one of the main reasons I love animals so much today is that I have always grown up around them.  So today I wanted to show you and tell you a little bit about our current companion animals.

    This is Auggie, he is currently our only dog.  We got him when he was a young puppy, our neighbors dog had one puppy, Toby.  We change his name to Auggie after the cartoon character Augie Doggie.  Auggie is like 10 years already old.  I love him like a little brother.

    This is Snickers our oldest cat.  We adopted her from the local animal shelter when she was kitten.  Along with a white kitten, who we called Kit Kat, he was deaf and ended up disappearing after we had him for a few years.  They were obviously named after candy bars.  Our cats are indoor and outdoor cats, we live in the country, and they go inside and outside whenever they want.  Snickers is actually a jerk most of the time haha, but she can also be really sweet.  She is also like 12 years old so that might be why she gets in her cranky moods too.

    This is George.  We got him from one of my mom's friends.  We are guessing someone dropped him off at her house because they have other barn cats.  George was really friendly and always wanted to be around people and he would sneak inside.  My mom's friend didn't want an indoor cat though so we ended up taking him.  Snickers and him don't really get along.  We named him after Curious George the cartoon monkey.  That is because he always is opening the cupboards and climbing inside, etc.  George is only a few years old.

    The last companion animal of mine I currently have is 'Stache he is the little orange fish in the above picture.  My boyfriend gave me the fish for a Christmas present.  The big eyed fish has died [RIP].  First 'Stache's tank was in my room and I think from the lack of sun he gained brown coloring which is where his name came from, it looked like he had a moustache at first.  Since then I have moved his tank upstairs so he gets more sunlight and he has lost his brown coloring again.

    If you would like to see more pictures of our current companion animals, and companion animals that have passed away, or other animals that have had an effect on my life please check out my photobucket. [Both of the photo albums are still works in progress]  If you would like to know any more information about our companion animals feel free to ask.

    Also just a side note I have started another DeviantART account,  I might not get art work up right away but it is there if you wish to watch me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

weeac [google & facebook]


    First things first WEEAC, World Event to End Animal Cruelty.  It is going to really take place on Saturday October 8th 2011.  It is to bring together everyone who is against animal cruelty if you are for animal welfare, animal rights, animal liberation, or even if your not for any of those but just want to see the end of animal cruelty. Events are being planned all over the world but they need as much help as they can get to make this really big and make a good impact for the animals. So go like them on facebook and spread the word.

   I have been doing a lot to support WEEAC so much so my little sister keeps saying "if you love WEEAC so much why don't you just marry it".  I am researching elephants for them [you can help research an animal too!] its fun because elephants are my favorite animal. I have also made the following two images for them:

    Now moving on I want to quickly mention that both google adsense and google checkout should now be working on my blog.  As I have said before I am currently jobless [looking and applying] and I will be commuting to college in the fall.  So any money that I get from people clicking on the ads or any money that you donate to support me will be appreciated.  I will try to primarily use it to buy awesome vegan and animal rights stuff to blog about.

I currently have my eye on:
Note in the box it suggests $5 [which would be great!] but you can send as little as $0.50!  Some of the money might end up going towards paying for college stuff an gas to commute to college but trust me people I really want those vegan treats!  Right now I'm not really offering anything in exchange for money [except blogging]  but in the near future here I am thinking about starting up my deviantART and then asking for donations in exchange for art and design.

   One last thing for this blog I am looking for suggestions.  I am working on the ffb fb page and I am looking for other official pages on facebook that have to do with my hippie interests.  I currently already liked 64 pages but if anyone knows of anymore that would be great.  It will also help me find more things to blog about.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my awesome new shoes!


    I have an announcement to make everybody.... I love boobies and my awesome new shoes that just came in the mail today!

me wearing my new shoes

    These shoes come from my favorite shoe company Macbeth
Here is some pros and cons for this specific pair of shoes [so far]

  • they look awesome [they come with plain black laces, but the I <3 boobies laces are the best part]
  • true to size 
  • comfortable
  • they are vegan! [even come in a box made of recycled material]
  • they support Keep A Breast Foundation 
  • [they also come in men's but instead of having blue they have red]
  • somewhat pricey [originally $55, I bought them on Zappos on sale for $44 with free shipping]
  • they are made in Indonesia
  • only $3 goes to supporting KAB [but they still work great in spreading the word!]
    These are my second pair of Macbeth shoes, the first pair I bought were vegan but they were a men's pair so they don't fit me as well so aren't as comfortable and they are also white. [I have gotten Canadian goose poop stains all over them, they basically all came out though]

my first pair
    Overall I love them both and am recommending that people looking for vegan shoes or any shoes for that matter go and check them out and think about buying them.  Also make sure to check out and support the Keep A Breast Foundation, they are awesome and they are also against animal testing!

Breasts Not Tests Animal Banner


me, myself, and peta2


    So I started this account a few months ago and was going to make it a blog about my personal in depth beliefs on different animal rights issues.  Two blog posts later and I decided I didn't want to do that anymore.  So now I am going to be doing something more fun.  Far far blog will be more like your usual blog.  It will basically be about the hippie part of me.  So I will be blogging about my favorite products, companies, and organizations that are either vegetarian, animal, human, and or earth friendly.  From time to time I might add in the negatives that people who care about humans, animals, and or the earth should know about and help spread the word about but I am going to try to keep this more of an optimistic blog.  There also might occasionally be blogs on other things such as daily happenings or some of my other interests sprinkled in.

    I think I am going to try and keep most of my blog entries short yet at least somewhat informative.  For now I am not going to keep myself on a schedule about when I have to blog or how often or anything like that.  I don't want to keep this as just an introductory blog so I am going to try and jump right into some actual blogging.

    PETA, I'm sure if you are reading my blog chances are you already know of this organization.  They are a very controversial well know organization that supports animal rights.  I know some of you other hippie's might not care for them but personally I love PETA and everything they do especially when it comes to just spreading the word about animal rights.  But the first thing I really want to blog about is peta2, I really love peta2 likely because I am only 19.

    Peta2 is a branch off of PETA they still do the same great work but they work more through bands, actors, actresses, athletes, schools and colleges to get the word out to teens and young adults.  If you haven't already I suggest all of you teen animal lovers go and sign up for the peta2 street team.  It is free and as a member of the street team you can talk on the peta2 boards with other teens like yourself and for doing things to support animal rights you can earn points that gets you cool "street team goods". [animal rights merch!]  You can also find me on the peta2 street team as F.A.R.

    Also while I am at it I will mention another branch off PETA, PETAKiDS, a branch of course appropriate in spreading the word of animal rights for younger kids.  So depending on your age or preference please check one of them out.  Also if you don't have money to spare like myself [a jobless college kid] you can always contact PETA and ask for them to send you some promotional information and they will gladly send you some awesome stickers and information!

    So I noticed this first blog entry is more boring and a little lengthier then I would have liked it to be.  But I promise it will get better [without the talk of blogging and with more multimedia etc] so it would be great if you stuck around and followed ffb.  I will also be tweaking with the layout and design of the blog still. [I tried to make it decent looking before I posted at all] Leave a comment, contact me by e-mail [], like the ffb facebook page, and spread the word.  Comments, questions and suggestions are all appreciated and trolling will be ignored and deleted!